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  • Quantity Available: 1
  • Certification of authentication supplied: Yes
  • Framed: Yes
  • Art Style: Fine Art
  • Art Media: Oil
  • Art Surface:
  • Art Width: 23.5in
  • Art Length: 23.5in
  • Art Depth: mm
Artists Description:
Katrina is a small Podenco (Spanish hunting dog) who was found tied to the gates of a perrera (Spanish dog pound). She was then fortunate to be taken in by Podencos Friends.Katrina was unable to use her right hind leg and X-rays revealed she needed a plate and screws in order to realign her femur, on top of this she also had a fracture to her pelvis. Katrina is still with Podenco Friends recovering from her surgery. She is making great progress and xrays taken show good improvement. Katrina has gained some weight and is a total sweetheart.  Painted on linen with artist quality oil paints.   10% of price will go to Podenco Friends.

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