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  • Quantity Available: 0
  • Certification of authentication supplied: Yes
  • Framed: No
  • Art Style: Fine Art
  • Art Media: Oil
  • Art Surface: Canvas
  • Art Width: 23.5in
  • Art Length: 23.5in
  • Art Depth: mm
Artists Description:
In december 2013 Podenco Friends was contacted and asked if they could take in a pregnant podenco living wild in the campo with a male podenco. They were located about 300kms away a group of Spanish rescuers were helping. So the saga begins they tried to catch her over a number of days but she was in a fairly remote location in countryside and she wasn't willing to be caught. They couldn't sedate her because of the pregnancy and didn't want to stress her so made sure food was left, then a message she had disappeared so they assumed she had given birth and hidden the pups the male podenco was still hanging around. Then 3 days later a message she had been seen but was badly injured so a call wall made out on FB for as many people to come forward as possible to help. They found her the next day and about an hour later they discovered the pups. The male podenco was no where to be seen. Alexa the mum had fought off a wild boar to protect her babies she was so deeply lacerated you could see her intestines. Her face chest ribs flanks around her tail and hips covered in deep bite marks and a couple of the pups had minor cuts. This girl had the fight of her life to save them, she had a severe infection and needed emergency surgery so she was no longer able to feed her pups. So the pups had to bottle fed all 9 of them on 2 hours feeds. Alexa is now living in America and the pups were re-homed in the UK, America and Holland. This handsome boy is one of the 9 pups all grown up. Oil on linen.  10% of price will go to Podenco Friends  

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