Barney And Alfie

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  • Quantity Available: 1
  • Certification of authentication supplied: No
  • Framed: Yes
  • Art Style: Fine Art
  • Art Media: Oil
  • Art Surface: Canvas
  • Art Width: 20in
  • Art Length: 16in
  • Art Depth: mm
Artists Description:
'Barney and Alfie' oil on canvas 20" x 16". These two Spanish Podencos painted on a red carpet symbolising passion, pain, anger and love.  Barney on the left was rescued from a gypsy camp near Seville in Spain where he suffered terrible abuse. His rescuer had to spend months nursing him back to health. His right ear is deformed and flops over from all the infections he suffered. He has lived in a loving home for the past 3 years and he has gone from a terrified dog to a happy, friendly, cuddly boy. Alfie on the right was found starving in an olive grove. He has been living with Barney in his new forever home since August last year and since then it has been discovered that he has hip dysplasia which is probably why he was abandoned by hunters. This however doesn't slow him down! 10% of the price will go to a Podenco charity.

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